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WHAT IS SCR?( As know Adblue) 
 SCR Technology is the technology that helps to reduce emigration values in the catalytic motor system AdBlue system. 
SCR is a technology that aims to optimize and minimize the exhaust emigration system. 
 After the Euro 4 and Euro 5, the SCR, which is also included in the Euro 6 system, fulfills the norms similar to the consumption of machine energy and the treatment of waste exhausts. 
 Performing OF SCR AND AdBlue 
 The exhaust is separated by reaching the AdBlue liquid before the SCR system, and the nitrogen oxides, which are dangerous in the terrain, are dissolved and converted into nitrogen and water vapor. This procedure makes the poisonous energy come out of the exhaust. 
 When Euro 5 and Euro 4 are compared, it's observed that further Adblue energy is used in Euro 5. 

 It's known that the deterioration of the SCR system will beget you to encounter a malfunction in the AdBlue system, and it'll be affected by this malfunction in numerous corridors of the vehicle's brain. 
 In cases where SCR malfunctions are encountered, these malfunctions can be excluded thanks to the parrots to be used. 

 At the same time, your vehicle will lose performance and power when SCR failure is entered. Traction diminishments and diesel use increases. 
 NOX Detector FAILURE 

 A recent complaint that has been constantly encountered is that when druggies apply for special authorized services, high prices are charged for nox detector failure. 
 You can cancel the error canons and decrease the system this way, thanks to the parrots and fault discovery bias used to exclude the Nox fault. 

 The nox detector, which measures the effectiveness of catalytic technology, works in integration with the SCR system. 
 When these faults aren't answered, problems may do up to the complete relief of the brain. 

 You can use our" Guaranteed" results for buses with problems with the Adblue system or heavy vehicles with copping problems.

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