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Chiptuning Fileservice

Chiptuning Fileservice

Chiptuning Fileservice

Today, almost all vehicles have an electronic control unit, named as ECU (Electronic Control Unit), each vehicle has its own operating system. The purpose of this process can be grouped under two things. The first is the economy expectation of the individual and the second is the performance of the vehicle in terms of power. In line with the service we provide, we can offer these two titles to our customers at the same time. In other words, we calculate and simulate to increase the power of the vehicle and ensure its economy. Considering the condition of your vehicle, we safely apply the most suitable one for your vehicle in line with your demands and expectations.

Ecu (Electronic Control System) How does it work?
The system, which we call ECU, popularly known as the brain of the vehicle, provides the system to work properly and healthily by controlling many units (injector, pump, ignition coil, transmission, EGR, throttle, etc.)

What is Chiptuning & Remapping?
The vehicles are equipped with standard software from the dealer. The process of transferring this original software to the car's brain after taking the original software from the vehicle's brain (ECU) and making changes in line with the customer's request is called Chip Tuning / ECU Tuning. As a result of this transmission process, which is widely used in Europe and America, power and torque increase is achieved, while fuel savings are also provided. During this process, no additional parts are attached to the vehicle, and since it is run on standard software, there are no cases of deterioration of originality or out of warranty of the vehicle. Transferring the Chiptuning / ECU Tuning system software or the vehicle's factory standard software to the vehicle's computer is carried out in a very short time. At the request of the customer, this process ranges from changes on the standard brain to writing a program from scratch. What we call custom software; Even if a program is written from scratch, there is no cancellation of the vehicle's warranty.

Which Vehicles Do We Chiptuning?
Vehicles in the heavy commercial class, turbo diesel passenger / light commercial vehicles, gasoline turbo passenger / light commercial vehicles, atmospheric vehicles, buses are vehicles that can be chip tuning applied. While fuel economy and power increase is generally between 10-12% in passenger and light commercial vehicles, heavy vehicle class and buses, a 30% increase in power is obtained in vehicles with turbo diesel and gasoline turbo diesel engines.

Why Doesn't the Factory Make These?
This is the most important question that is asked, in fact, why doesn't make the dealer or producer this? The reason for this is that your vehicles are programmed according to some specific service TÜV standards and the vehicles work in all conditions without any problems. For example, the programs of the vehicle in Alaska and the vehicle in Turkey are the same. Factories have to operate the vehicles in certain norms, so they have to reduce their power, of course, they have to sacrifice torque when the power goes out. We bring out these hidden forces. And this power does not have any thing from your engine, your limits are not pushed in any way.

The reasons why these applications are not made by the factories; We can explain the reason why the factories do not make these applications in 2 ways,

All of the vehicles offered for sale in our country must be produced according to internationally valid norms, so these norms are taken as a basis when programming. There is no vehicle production according to the differences of the countries. Based on this equality principle, the performance of the vehicles (in terms of torque and horsepower) is less than they should be, since there is a standard programming. By breaking this equality in the service we provide, it is not an attempt to push the limits of the vehicle, although this situation does not shorten the engine life of the vehicle in any case, although it ensures the recovery of the reduced performance of the vehicle.
Many brands; they use versions of the same engine with power differences in their vehicles. The reason of this; When the user wants to buy a vehicle, there are more than one option (marketing policy-to offer the closest alternative according to the needs of the person or what he wants-) and there are differences in pricing. This different price policy is also due to the power and software differences of the vehicle engine.

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