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What's EGR Cancellation? How is it done? 
 Before explaining what EGR cancellation is and how to do it, it's necessary to know the issue of what EGR is. 
 EGR means of Exhaust Gas Recirculation – Exhaust Gas Recycling. It's an electro-curvaceous stopcock in vehicles. This stopcock, located in the machine, is active in the exhaust gas rotation. EGR damages the vehicle's performance due to impurity, rust, and wear over time and causes the vehicle to malfunction. 
How Does EGR Work? 
 Oxygen and energy transferred to the cylinder combustion chamber burn at veritably high temperatures, similar high situations of NOx gas can do. This leads to increased emigrations. The Engine EGR constantly opens and closes the EGR stopcock at certain intervals by interpreting data similar as machine cargo status and detector values. When the EGR stopcock is open, some of the gas coming out of the exhaust manifold is transferred back to the combustion chamber with the help of EGR. In this way, the interior's oxygen rate is reduced, significantly reducing the combustion temperature. At low combustion temperatures, NOx feasts can not be formed as much as ahead. This will reduce emigrations. When the machine is completely loaded, the machine computer closes the EGR stopcock and stops transferring exhaust gas to the machine chamber, as performance is needed from the vehicle. This way, the machine chamber, filled with oxygen, produces further power. The EGR stopcock may come defiled due to the exhaust feasts passing through it, and a blockage may do. The EGR system should be gutted regularly regarding factors similar as soot, time, and rust that beget EGR malfunctions. It's time to clean an EGR system; If dark black bank comes out of the exhaust pipe, the machine stutters or doesn't start, and the machine temperaturerises.However, the machine is damaged, energy consumption increases fleetly, If it persists. 
 What's EGR Cancellation? 
On the other hand, EGR cancellation is performed as an volition to the high price requested for replacing the conking stopcock when the clogged stopcock doesn't perform well indeed after drawing. piecemeal from these two reasons, druggies who always want full performance from their vehicle can have the EGR canceled. Since the EGR stopcock will always be closed, their machines will always get full performance. 
 How to Cancel EGR? 
 Our software does the EGR cancellationprocess.However, you can have the EGR stopcock done at our engineering Center or our branches across Turkey and Belgium, If your vehicle has an EGR malfunction or wants full performance from your vehicle. For EGR cancellation, first of all, the software of the machine brain( machine ECU) of the vehicle to be reused is read with special bias( Dimsport,etc.). After the reading process, your vehicle's train is transferred to the MetaECU section according to your wishes. In the MetaECU part, our masterminds edit the original train of your vehicle according to your wishes( in this case, EGR cancellation). The edited train is programmed back into the machine brain of your vehicle with the help of special bias. In this way, EGR cancellation is realized. EGR failure, EGR stopcock failure, similar as EGR- related faults, will be deleted. 

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