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Other Solutions

Other Solutions

Other Solutions

-Vmax Off
-DTC Off
-Cat Off
-Start&Stop Off
-Sport Display Calibration
-Hard RPM Cut for Diesel
-E85 Flex-Fuel Conversion
-Pop & Bang
-Pop and Bang Sport Button
-DSG Fart
-Exhaust Flaps Off
-Hard RPM Cut for Gasoline
-Hot Start Fix
-Launch Control
-Swirl Flap Off
-Cold Start Off
-Cylinder On Demand Off
-Coolant Pump Off
-Vmax 30
-EGR Off
-AdBlue/SCR Off
-Immo Off
-Back To Stock
-DSG/Automatic Transmission Tuning
-Stage 1
-Stage 1+
-Stage 2
-Stage 3
-Eco Tuning
-Torque Monitoring Off
-Rpm Limiter Increase
-o2 Off
-NoX Off
-Maf Off
-Anti Lag
-Boost Sensor Calibration
-Fuel Pressure Sensor Calibration
-Evap Off
-Sap Off
-AGS Off
-Readiness Calibration
-Kickdown Deactivation
-FRF/SGO to Bin Conversion
-BMW GTS Startup Roar
-Checksum Calculation
-No Lift Shift


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