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Gearbox Tuning

Gearbox Tuning

Gearbox Tuning

Maximize the drivability, durability and performance of your transmission with the well-known and widest range of Gearbox software solutions available on the market!

What's semi and completely automatic transmission? 
Transmissions are divided into 2semi-automatic transmissions and completely automatic transmissions 
Semi-Automatic Binary Clutch, also known as DSG( Direct Shift Gearbox), is an automatic transmission that can change gears briskly than other gear transmissions. The binary- clutch transmission provides further power and better control than conventional automatic and homemade transmission systems. DSG type Gearboxes, which have been used in numerous companies, have started to be used Example Mercedes, BMW, Porsche Applied names are veritably different We can give exemplifications similar as DCT, DKG, SST, their sense is the same, but with small changes in practice, companies have made their own additions. 

 Why do we program for Gearbox Tuning? 

 Gearboxes are generally produced for frugality purposes in a certain rev range and in a certain km range, they give comfort and pleasure to the stoner with their perfect gear shifts and gear reductions, as well as furnishing serious fast gear changes, they act like homemade gears, but they'resemi-automatic, they've numerous parameters in themselves. The torq limiters of gear gamble times are available, we organize the programs within our company grounded on the wishes of the druggies and the gearbox allows( briskly transitions Torque limits gear blasting staying times) 

 What Do We Do in the Gearbox Tuning? 

 Advanced Rpm and Harder Shifts 
 Necklace limiter boost 
 Optimized D Shift Program
 Kick Down Switch cancellation on request 
 Speeding up gears 
 Maximum gear Firing speed increase
 Optimized Manuel Shift Program 
 Launch Further RPM
 Optimized S Shift Program
 1ST Gear DE- OR REactivation
 Torque Limiters Raised
 Increased Maximum Clutch Pressure

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