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DPF( Diesel Particulate Filter), in some of the vehicles with Euro 4 emigration class, in order to meet the emigration demand of all diesel machine turbocharged vehicles with Euro 5 and Euro 6 emigration classes( the dangerous NOx gas released into the air is filtered and burned and released as further inoffensive feasts). is a sludge. Silicon carbide( SIC) in the sludge's function filters the poisonous feasts released from the exhaust, allowing lower poisonous gas to come out of the exhaust. therefore, lower dangerous gas is released to the nature. The exhaust system is hotted by variables similar as machine speed, operating time of the vehicle( roughly 600- 700 degrees) and the soot outside is burned by replying and therefore the sludge is gutted by itself. In short distance driving or in cold rainfall, occasionally the exhaust system can not reach the temperature to clean the sludge, in similar cases, the liquid we call dpf liquid is fitted into the sludge system, reducing the heat needed for the response and therefore the sludge can be gutted at lower temperatures. In fact, crimes similar as" dpf fluid dropped, flyspeck fluid low, cumulative fluid at critical position" seen in vehicles are caused by the drop in this dpf fluid. 
Operation areas, advantages, disadvantages of DPF system?
As we mentioned in the composition over, the DPF system is available in some of the vehicles with Euro 4 emigration class, and in all diesel vehicles with Euro 5 and Euro 6 emigration classes. This system, which is erected to cover nature and the atmosphere, has advantages as well as great disadvantages in some cases. The most given problem is that this working system malfunctions and it isn't possible to repair it or veritably many people do it. Changing this system can start from 1500- 2000EUR.for B class vehicles and go up to 3000 EUR depending on the class and the price of thevehicle.However, the fault( check machine) beacon constantly lights up as a result of the sludge congested, the faucets can be damaged by backpressing the machine due to the blockage, If it isn't repaired. Since this system to be repaired or replaced won't be as compatible and trouble-free as the system installed at the plant, utmost people cancel it. 
With cancel the dpf, 2 main operations are performed on the vehicle. One of them is to fully cancel the DPF parameters from the machine( ECU) and the other process is to break the sludge in the exhaust or to help the exhaust gas from getting stuck in the sludge by removing it and replacing it with an empty exhaust. As Metadiag, we carry out this process in our office in Istanbul and Belgium without any problems. According to the protocol supported by your vehicle, the brain train is read via OBD or on the table set( the brain is removed from the vehicle and brought to the table and opened) and the parameters related to the DPF are deleted and the edited train is written back to the ECU. After this process, the sludge in the exhaust is broken or replaced with an empty system, and the sludge at the exit of the exhaust gas is canceled. In this way, the dpf system will be canceled from your vehicle, the machine light won't turn on, or problems similar as loss of traction due to DPF and not starting will be excluded. This operation is fully safe, it doesn't beget any damage to the vehicle's brain or machine corridor. 

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